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Food trucks or food gazebo stalls at the Seriously Good Food Show are located outdoors at Trustpower Arena Baypark, adjacent to our indoor retailer expo. We refer to this area as 'The Landing' where there is covered seating and live music for our audience of over 9,000 Bay of Plenty food lovers.

Spaces are limited, and successful applicants will be determined by their menu.  We want a unique food experience for visitors and encourage something different.


Before applying, make sure your business fits the following criteria:

  • You are selling food or beverages to be consumed onsite. If you're selling food for consumption offiste, you may be better suited to one of our indoor retail stands (click here).

  • You have a Registered Food Control Plan.

  • Your setup has its own handwashing facilities and fire safety equipment.

  • You are not selling alcohol or coffee.

Please note that this is not a booking agreement, and does not guarantee you a stand. We'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss the best stand options for your business - we look forward to talking with you!


Thanks! We are in the process of reviewing applications and will get back to you as soon as possible.