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Made with love in the Coromandel


Castle Rock began in April 2012 as Castle Rock Cafe.  Andy is a Chef with over twenty years of experience, and gradually started adding to the range of dressings and chutneys produced in the Cafe.

Customers began asking where they could purchase the amazing chutneys they found on their burgers, and the dressings used on the salads - and when they found out they were made inhouse, Andy began producing them so they could buy them and take them home.

Castle Rock Cafe has now closed, due to Any having an accident and becoming a Quadriplegic and ending up in a wheelchair. Now Castle Rock is a small family business and by small - it's just Andy, his wife Shelley and Shelley's mother Margaret!  Though the hands may not work properly the brain still does, so Andy comes up with the ideas and recipes and then Margaret and Shelley come home from work and on the weekends make, bottle and label the products. 

Castle Rock have now gone on to include a range of fruit dressings that are vinegar based and not found anywhere in New Zealand.  None of their dressings are finished with any type of oil and that is our point of difference and flavour. It tastes just like the label says!  All Castle Rock products are gluten free, preservative free and are celiac and vegan friendly.

Castle Rock dressings



Strawberry, lemon, mint dressing: Excellent with any salmon dish, use with fresh or smoked salmon, sprinkle over the top of cooked courgette, asparagus or eggplant. Is an excellent marinade for lamb (poke holes with a knife and then pour over so it soaks in as it is cooking).

Raspberry dressing: Works with any green salad leaves, use as a marinade for any red meat, pour over ice cream, drop into sparkling water or champagne. Use as a marinate for chicken.

Chilli lime and corriander dressing: Marinade for pork or chicken, drizzle over pumpkin and feta soup, excellent over any type of seafood, delicious on rocket leaves or mix it into your favourite Thai salad.

Blueberry and thyme dressing: Makes a feta cheese and roasted mushroom salad into something amazing. Great on pancakes and bacon or use as a marinade with pork or venison. Drizzle over natural yoghurt in the morning.

Tamarillo and cinnamon dressing: Drizzle over french toast and bacon, pour over a tomato, red onion and brie salad or pour over your apple pie and icecream.

Balsamic and honey vinegar: Pour over any seafood dish, use as a glaze for any chicken dish, great with any green leaves, drizzle over hot cooked cheese such as haloumi or drizzle over fresh strawberries and icecream.

Blackberry dressing: Works with any green salad, pour over roast kumara or chicken, drizzle over white fish after cooking, goes with any cooked sea food.

Castle Rock Chutneys



Chilli Lime Chutney: Spread on eye fillet before cooking, stir through prawns, use as base with ginger and garlic for any stir fry meat or vegetable dish, mix in with sour cream to go with fresh pasta or as a side to any seafood, or with cheese and crackers.

Tangy Tomato Chutney: Mix into any slow cooker dish, spread with cheese and crackers, spread on cold meats or  sandwiches, Serve with sweet corn fritters. Mix through pasta , curry or spaghetti bolognaise.

Tamarillo Chutney: Delicious with cheese and crackers especially blue cheese, spread over toast with avocado, serve with fresh roasted venison, put on top of a cajun chicken breast for a delicous burger or use as a base on a chicken and brie pizza.

Chilli Peach Chutney: Spread over a roast lamb before cooking, excellent on a cheese board or use on any cold meat sandwich.

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