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Seriously Good Food Show 2021

The end of the plastic problem is coming


Created by Jon and Josh, Compostic is a young Kiwi company with a goal to eradicate unnecessary kitchen plastics in New Zealand. They're launching a new range of 100% home compostable kitchen products to help everyone do their bit to un-plastic the world. 

Compostic home-compostable cling film mimics its plastic counterpart in every way, but is certified to break down in your home compost within 24 weeks, or just 12 weeks in a commercial compost facility. 

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You can now make the transition from plastic cling film to guilt-free compostic cling film without sacrificing convenience or the freshness of your food! Just use it, reuse it, and pop it in your compost when you've finished with it. 

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Compostic cling film is made with no conventional plastic whatsoever.  All packaging is printed with soy or water-based inks.  

If you don't have a home compost, you'll be able to send it to your nearest commercial composting facility or talk to wecompost for a residential organic collection for your home. There are also helpful apps you can use to share another person’s compost, such as Sharewaste.

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Make the switch and move your world past plastic!  Its the end of plastic kitchen waste - and its environmental consequences - forever!

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