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New Zealand small batch, curious by nature

Curiosity Gin is made grain to glass, in small batches, starting from locally sourced and malted barley and the best quality botanicals available, including wild picked Horopito and Kawakawa, East Coast Manuka, fresh Gisborne orange and lime zest and New Zealand grown lavender for a true New Zealand twist.

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In late 2015 four friends got together and bought a small still, curious to see if they could develop distinctly New Zealand spirits.  They set out to develop gins that are truly individual and stand out from the crowd (and stand out from the tonic!).  After many trials and more than a few late nights mixing botanicals and tasting gins, trial recipe 23 was chosen and in late 2016 Curiosity Gin was launched with Recipe #23 as their flagship product - a botanical forward, contemporary style gin pairing a slightly sweeter malt base spirit with well rounded citrus, floral and oriental spice botanicals.

Curiosity Gin Recipe 23
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Other unique gins have followed Recipe #23.  Curious Dry is a London dry style gin with a distincly New Zealand taste - along with the finest imported juniper, Curious Dry is made using just four New Zealand native botanicals including Kawakawa and Horopito harvested from the wild, East Coast Manuka and urban foraged Tarata (Lemonwood).  It is a truly authentic New Zealand gin.


Negroni Special is a complex gin first released for Negroni Week 2017.  Barrel aged in oak casks and bottled at extra strength, it was created to complement the Negroni cocktail.

Pinot Barrel Sloe is New Zealand's only sloe gin, made barrel by barrel in the traditional way.  The finest imported sloe berries are steeped in Curiosity Gin for several months in a barrel previously used to age Otago Pinot Noir, and the result is a luscious red liqueur with the smooth and intense bittersweet fruit flavours of classic sloe gin, with the added rich back note from the pinot barrel.

Their latest special release is Ruby - a refreshing, zesty pink gin with fresh rhubarb, Curious Dry and a little added sweetness.

Curiosity Gin range

These four passionate whisky lovers got together and began their journey with curiosity.  New Zealand's wines have a fantastic worldwide reputation, our craft beer is developing in leaps and bounds, but where were the homegrown spirits showcasing the unique flavours of New Zealand?  Their spirits of choice were whisky from Scotland, rum from the Caribbean or gin from the UK.  Surely there was an opportunity to develop distinctly New Zealand Spirits that could deliver the taste of New Zealand to the spirits world?

Curiosity for great flavour is what drives their craft, makes The Spirits Workshop products unique and delights their customers.

Curiosity Gin team

Sam, Bernard, Antony and Rod of The Spirits Workshop

Gin is not the only product on the menu at The Spirits Workshop, they’ve been quietly barrelling whisky since 2016.  Their first New Zealand Single Malt ‘Divergence’ is matured and has just been launched.


If you are travelling to Christchurch while domestic tourism is all the focus, pop in for a tour and tasting.  It’s a great way to spend an hour or two, learning from the distillers about how whisky and gin are made, see the stills, soak up the smell of the barrel room and finish with a guided tasting.

Curiosity Gin Christchurch
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The Spirits Workshop is your source for premium crafted, distinctively flavoured spirits that are reflective of their New Zealand heritage, shaped by tradition while being unencumbered by history.

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