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Next level fudge - life's short, eat delicious!

FiveFudge pride themselves on using real, top quality ingredients to make the freshest and most delicious fudge in their home certified kitchen.  There's no artificial colours or flavours, nothing comes premixed out of a packet.

FiveFudge make their ingredients from scratch wherever possible, including golden syrup, glucose, condensed milk, coconut condensed milk and coconut butter.  PBC fudge contains real, homemade peanut butter made inhouse. Smokey walnut is made using real butter smoked with mesquite.  Mocha takes a couple shots of freshly ground coffee, mixed with their best dark fudge, giving you a slice of coffee heaven!

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Enjoy FiveFudge in indulgent slabs of both classic and creative flavours - try Fire, dark fudge peppered with chilli, Hazelberry is a milk chocolate fudge folded through with premium freeze dried raspberries and hazelnuts, or Love, a creamy caramel fudge with pistachio nuts, a hint of rosewater and scattered with rose petals.  FudgeBalls are all the rage at the mo and come in six flavours including mouthwaterin S'mores - a marshmallow and fudge sauce centre lovingly wrapped in milk fudge and coated in premium 72% dark ghana chocolate and a fine malt biscuit crumb.  Who could resist?

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FiveFudge likes to be stored in a cool dark place and will last for up to four weeks (or ... a day in the average Kiwi pantry, because who can resist fresh fudge?).  It won't last for months like some other fudges, because it doesn't contain preservatives.  FiveFudge is also now available in resealable and home compostable HandyBags, and 99% of their packaging is home compostable.

​Order your FiveFudge online and it’s made fresh to order. 

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