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French Fine Foods is a boutique importer of the finest foods direct from France. So whether you are a professional chef, pastry chef, mixologist, chocolatier, cake maker, caterer, or home cook, we have a range of unique ingredients for you.

Our range includes glazes, Ravifruit fruit purees, cooking alcohols, fondants, marzipan and other patisserie products from France. We import vanilla beans from Tahiti, acknowledged by chefs as the best available. Our range of culinary alcohols includes Bardinet rum, genuine Madeira and distilled spirits. Over a hundred of France's finest products, all from one email or phone call.


At the Seriously Good Food Show, we’ll have our range of pates from the Dordogne for tasting; 8 flavours from a boutique producer in the village of Tremolat, along with Duck Cassoulet and Confit from this famous region.

Want a dash of theatre to finish dinner? Our Crème Brulee kits allow you to achieve that classic toffee crust without a blow torch – just sprinkle on the crystals, spray on the alcohol and light with a match. In less than a minute as the flames subside, you’re left with that crisp toffee topping. It’s sure to get your guests fired up for dessert.


So come and talk to us at the show, find out more about our range and how our ingredients can help you achieve your best.

Cooking Alcohols

Our range of cooking alcohols includes genuine Madeira, Bardinet Rum, Brandy and many  true 'eau de vie' gastronomic alcohols. We are also the exclusive New Zealand agent for Grand Marnier's cooking alcohol range.

Crème Brûlée kits 

Achieve that true crème brûlée toffee crust quickly and easily - without a blowtorch available in 10 or 50 serve kits.

Confit & cassoulet

We import Duck Confit and Cassoulet from a small artisan producer in the Dordogne region, acknowledged as the finest poultry producing region in France.


From this same artisan producer comes a range of pates, including duck with Armagnac, hare, pure pork, rabbit with bilberries, duck with Monbazillac wine, and more.

Patisserie ingredients

If you're a professional chef or pastry chef or home baker, French Fine Foods can supply you with a broad range of chefs ingredients and patisserie products, in commercial pack sizes.


Ravifruit Fruit Purees are the preferred choice of pastry chefs, chocolatiers and mixologists, worldwide and come in convenient 1 litre 'ambient' tetra packs which may be stored at room temperature.

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