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Take control of your state

Carefully blended with a selection of natural botanical terpenes, Good Herb Soda's blends are inspired by cannabis strains and recreated using terpenes extracted from natural plants.  Each drink has its own unique subtle fruit flavour made with your wellbeing in mind.

Good Herb Soda - Take control of your state
So what are terpenes?

Even if it's your first time hearing the word, you've actually experienced terpenes all your life - they're the organic compounds found everywhere in nature within each herb, flower and fruit that gives them their unique scent and flavour.  When someone says, "Stop and smell the roses," what they're saying is, "Stop and smell the terpenes."

Scientifically speaking, terpenes are a large class of hydrocarbon compounds that are then acted upon by various enzymes to add a wide variety of functional effects produced by terpenes, playing a dual role for plants.  They act as a defence mechanism to protect against herbivores, insects and other dangers, and they're also responsible for a plant's regeneration and oxygenation - by excreting an intense aroma, plants can repel specific bugs while attracting beneficial insects for pollination.

Good Herb Soda - Take control of your state
Why would a human want to consume terpenes?

Terpenes provide therapeutic benefits - based on traditional herbal medicines and emerging science, terpenes seem to offer healing benefits for a wide range of health conditions and general support of holistic health.  Because terpenes are partially responsible for maintaining the health and safety of plants against environmental threats, it makes sense that they offer us medical benefits as well.

Each Good Herb Soda replicates a unique cannabis blend using terpenes derived from other plants to create a non-alcoholic range of infused sparkling sodas with no added sugar, no preservatives or artificial ingredients, and suitable for vegan, keto, paleo and gluten free diets.

Good Herb Soda Unwind and InZone

Unwind is a refreshing mango clove lemonade infused with naturally derived Blue Dream terpenes to support stress relief.  InZone is a refreshing ginger yuzu lemonade infused with naturally derived OG Kush terpenes to enable mental clarity.

Let the terpenes be your guide - take control of your state with Good Herb Soda!  Find out more about terpenes on the Good Herb Soda website here.

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