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Grown in New Zealand - enjoyed around the world


Truffles have long been one of the most sought-after prizes of the culinary world - even today, we have an imperfect understanding of how the lumpy fungi grows.


When Annette Munday and Matt Hudson bought their Ruatuna Road property in the sunny Eastern Bay of Plenty several years ago, they unknowingly walked into a field of 'black gold'.  They ended up with a trufflière - truffle plantation - as part of the deal.  Originally established as an experiemental plantation developed by MPI's predecessor Crop and Food in 1988, the pair nursed the plantation back to health and have estalished Trufflière Croix Du Sud as one of a handful of successful truffle producers in New Zealand.

Ohiwa Black Diamonds

The unique micro climate coupled with ideal soil conditions mean that they produce some of the best truffles in the world, and sell fresh truffles and truffle products to New Zealand's top chefs and restaurants, as well as exporting overseas.


It has been a continual learning process and over the years, and Annette and Matt have built their expertise and skills to and now act as consultants to other hopeful truffle growers to help build the New Zealand truffle industry.

Ohiwa Black Diamonds

Truffles are an oddity - lumpy, a bit strange looking and with a distinctive musky odour - but add a singular flavour that cannot be replicated.  French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called truffles 'the diamond of the kitchen', so expensive that they appeared only at the dinner tables of great nobles and kept women.  While Ohiwa Black Diamonds do supply to high end chefs and restaurants all over the world, they also bring their elusive Black Perigord Trufffles to home cooks throughout New Zealand.


As well as fresh truffles, Ohiwa Black Diamonds also offer truffle salt, truffle honey and truffle infused olive oil.

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For a hands-on gourmet foodie experience, you can also take part in their fun filled truffle hunts which take place from June through until August - contact Ohiwa Black Diamonds at trufflesohiwa@gmail.com to make a booking.

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