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Amazing real food made with integrity


With a range of delicious cereals, snack bards, biscuits, bites and slabs, pure delish craft super premium products that are real, delicious and anything but ‘ordinary’.  Their brand is synonymous with mouth-watering excellence and they've carved a solid reputation for innovative, category-challenging and award-winning products.

Pure Delish

Over 20 years ago, young mum Kaz Staples decided she needed to make some extra cash for her family at Christmas. Being a keen baker, this seemed like the easiest way to generate income!  Kaz saw a gap in the market – a lack of high end Christmas Cakes, and decided to fill it.  23 products, 30 staff and a thriving business later, pure delish is a success story.  “I guess I didn’t really imagine it would get this big. I’ve always been a passionate baker – when other kids were reading stories, I was looking through cookbooks. Starting a baking business just seemed the logical thing to do.”

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Things took a pivotal turn in 2006 when the first Farro Fresh store was about to open in Auckland.  The owners were looking for a high-end cereal, so they approached Kaz to see if she was interested in making one.  That’s when the first muesli was born,Original Chunky Nut Muesli, still one of pure delish’s most popular products today. At the time, it was a risk, as it cost considerably more than other cereals on the market. Kaz met a lot of resistance - she was told ‘no one would pay that kind of moneyfor cereal’, however she followed her instincts, and pure delish are now the market leader in premium breakfast cereals in New Zealand.

As the public got more adventurous, pure delish got more innovative and released interesting combinations like, Walnut and Feijoa Breakfast Crumble and Passion & Coconut Bites.  They also moved with market trends and demands for products like paleo, no refined sugar and gluten free, and were the first to bri g a grain-free cereal to the market - the now famous Raspberry & Maple Nut No-Grainola (currently the Number 1 selling muesli by dollar value on the shelves in New Zealand by a significant margin).

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But no matter what trends have come and gone, the company has stayed true to its roots.  pure delish have always said no matter how big they got, they would never compromise on what appeals to their customer base the most – the fact that everything is made by hand from the best quality ingredients they can source.

pure delish know their products could be made by factory robots, but after over two decades in the business are aware that doing things by hand is the only way to assure the quality they’re looking for.  “Some days you’ll find the sales and marketing or management team in the factory putting bites into bags, overlabelling bags for export or checking through raw ingredients for quality control.” says Kaz.  “We are committed to great tasting products over everything else. If it doesn’t taste amazing and
have a point of difference, there’s no point in making it.”

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pure delish are sure this winning formula will see them go from strength to strength in the years to come.

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