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Building choco-awesomeness one bar at a time

The Remarkable Chocolate Co has a passion for matching high-quality chocolate with real ingredients, hand-crafted in New Zealand using natural, sustainable ingredients wherever possible.  Their award-winning bars are made in small batches and hand poured, meaning every bar is unique - just like you!  This means the chocolate you enjoy is fresh, which makes an amazing difference; freshly tempered chocolate has a better snap and melts quickly in your mouth.

Small batch also means their organic chocolate range uses more real ingredients and less preservatives - more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff so you know exactly what you're eating.  Along with no preservatives, these remarkable recipes also contain no gluten and no palm oil.  Only one ingredient (the delicious salted caramel) contains dairy, which means all other flavours are dairy free.

Remarkable Chocolate Co bark

Tracey Melville-Smith - the founder of The Remarkable Chocolate Co - is proud that her products have evolved from the humble beginnings of small farmers' markets to nationwide supermarkets and gourmet grocery stores on her own and without outside funding, hiring locally and sourcing local ingredients wherever possible to support her community.  "If you're a person of passion, natural motivation or enthusiasm, you've got to wake up every day and want to do that and, look, who doesn't want to do chocolate?"

When first partnering with grocery stores there was some pressure to reduce prices, while Tracey wanted to retain her company's values of sustainability, fair trade and handmade production.  "I can't do what I'm doing at a lesser price, because it's a premium product," she says.  "Our premise is that we want to be remarkably good."

Remarkable Chocolate Co range

Their single-origin cacao beans are sustainably farmed in Peru, where the farmers are paid a fair trade premium for the beans with the men and women paid equally (as they should be!).  There is no forced labour, a practice disturbingly common in cacao growing regions, and farmers are paid in advance for their crops which allows them to invest in equipment, replant their farms and grow their businesses for the next season.

With independent organic certification, these cacao beans are grown and harvested using sustainable farming practices using no pesticides or insecticides.  Soil regeneration programmes ensure the crops are managed in a way that annual harvests produce high-quality beans year after year.

The Remarkable Chocolate Co's remarkable values even extend to the packaging with an aim of being both beautiful and sustainable, made here in New Zealand.  They actively choose options for finishes and printing processes which do not compromise the recyclability of the packaging - in some cases, this isn't possible, but they have a long-term goal of minimising their impact on the planet.

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Tracey's efforts have not gone unnoticed - in 2017, 2018 and again in 2020 The Remarkable Chocolate Co threw their flavours at the mercy of 15 of New Zealand’s to top chocolate aficionados to be judged against the finest chocolates in the country at the National Chocolate awards.  After a nervous wait they were proud to have been earned 11 awards in the last three events at the national competition.  In addition, these up and coming chocolatiers were awarded a Silver in the 2019 Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards, which they're super proud of!

While they dream of global expansion one day, they remain a local Kiwi food producer.  The Remarkable Chocolate Co has an enticing and growing range including their famous bars and chocolate barks as well as specialty creations like scorched almonds and s'mores kits.  Enjoy their creative flavours like white chocolate with pistachios and cranberries, dark chocolate with marshmallow, coconut and raspberries or milk chocolate with peanut and strawberry - amongst others! - available online or at good food stores nationwide.

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