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American style cookies in just seven minutes


Sweet Dough Co. was created to bring New Zealanders the joy of a freshly baked, American style cookie any time they damn well please with their slice & bake cookie dough. 

Sweet Dough Co

As cookie obsessed freaks, they’ve spent the past four years perfecting their recipe for the humble chocolate chunk cookie. 


What you’ll taste when you bite into your homemade Sweet Dough Co. cookies is a subtle vanilla & toffee flavour, a melt in your mouth texture, and pools of molten dark chocolate glistened with sea salt flecks which make these cookies deliciously moorish!

Sweet Dough Co

Currently only available in the Tauranga area, their cookie dough is lovingly made in small batches and uses quality ingredients like NZ free range eggs, Whittaker’s Chocolate, Heilala Vanilla, & Mainland Butter.

Sweet Dough Co

Simply store your cookie dough in the freezer and slice & bake it as you need it for warm, American style cookies in just 7 minutes. 

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