Honey direct from the beekeper


The Sweet Life are a small family business based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty.  Operating 400 hives, they produce raw and delicious honey straight from nature's little workers.

The Sweet Life create a range of four delicious honeys: Multifloral Honey, Rewarewa Honey, Manuka 100+MGO Honey, and Manuka 350+MGO Honey.

Why is Manuka honey special?

Dating back thousands of years, honey has been used for medicinal purposes.  Due to its immune-boosting and antibacterial properties it can be used for everything from a sore throat to fighting infections to treating abrasions.  While excavating tombs of Egyptian royals, unspoiled honey was discovered in pots - approximately 3,000 years old and still perfectly edible!

The secret to the amazing shelf life of honey lies in a number of factors - hydrogen peroxide, acidity and lack of water work together to make this delicious substance last forever.  However, due to industrialisation, honey isn't what it used to be.  Some honey on supermarket shelves isn't a lot different than high fructose corn syrup - still sweet, but not the real deal.

Manuka honey from New Zealand is incredibly special, with a much higher level of antibacterial properties than other floral honeys.  The hydrogen peroxide in honey gives it a natural antibiotic quality - but manuka honey also contains a high concentration of methylglyoxal, making it antibacterial as well.  

What is MGO?

Methylglyoxal is abbreviated to MGO.  Methylglyoxal that gives Manuka honey its unique and unusual antibacterial properties - so the higher the MGO, the higher the level of anti-bacterial activity in the honey.

The Sweet Life honey taste

You take advantage of the antibacterial properties of honey with topical application - but most of us want it to stuff in our face!  Manuka honey has a rich, complex flavour that adds another dimension to your food, while multifloral and Rewarewa honeys are lighter and sweeter.

With honey straight from the hive to your home, you know exactly where it comes from.  The Sweet Life is making life in the Bay a little sweeter!  Visit them at stand 105 at the Seriously Good Food Show, 27th & 28th June 2020 at Trustpower Arena Baypark.

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