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Wood-fired chilli sauces made in the Coromandel Peninsula

Produced in the beautiful seaside settlement of Kuaotunu just north of Whitianga by hot sauce aficionado Kyle Dunkle and his team, Uncle Dunkle's Chilli sources Kiwi ingredients to create incredible wood-fired chilli sauces, slow cooked and smoked in a wood oven powered by New Zealand tea tree.

Uncle Dunkles chilli sauce

The wood oven is a cooking tool with an ancient design that goes back thousands of years, and Uncle Dunkle's wood-fired chilli sauces are inspired by the superior quality of cooking ability that the wood oven provides.

An intricate three-day cooking process results in a complex, authentic flavour profile that is truly unique and created with all natural ingredients - there's nothing artificial here!

Uncle Dunkles chilli sauce

No matter what your heat tolerance is, they've got you covered with options in mild, medium, hot or extra-hot, and a limited-edition hot BBQ sauce thrown in the mix for good measure.

Uncle Dunkle's is great for marinating, basting, dipping - even in a fiery Bloody Mary!  Fire up your barbecue and get grilling with these premium hot sauces for a deliciously smokey and spicy kick.

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