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Locally sourced and fresh artisan herb products

Waiheke Herbs want to nourish you inside and out with freshly made herbal food and skincare products.  Their culinary range of spreads and salts are created with the finest quality ingredients, sourced fresh, locally where possible and made with fun and love by the experienced team of local Waiheke Island Gals.  They grow and produce most of their own ingredients on their organic herb farm and gardens on Waiheke Island, and source the rest from local growers.


Their famous Herb Spread is made from a unique blend of traditional and wild fresh herbs in olive oil - like a pesto, but without nuts or dairy and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  Winner of the 2017 Cuisine Awards and Silver Medallist of the 2018 Outstanding Food Awards, this tasty spread is packed with flavour, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Waiheke Herbs awards

Waiheke Herbs also create a luxury natural skincare range, made with 100% natural ingredients good enough to eat, including cold-pressed vegetable oils, pure essential oils and colloidal silver.

A lifelong passion for herbs, healthy living and wholesome food inspired founder Wendy Kendall to develop a range of products using 100% natural and delicious ingredients to help nourish and heal her family and friends.  In 1985 she began attending a series of courses and workshops in herbalism, nutrition, natural body care and healing, and was particularly interested in using wild weeds and native plants.  She soon began making her own skincare products, spreads and condiments.

After Wendy moved to Waiheke Island in 1993 she began experimenting with the wild herbs found growing in her backyard to create a healthy herb spread, developing the now famous Waiheke Herb Spread which was launched at the local market in 2004 and sold out within two hours!

Waiheke Herbs Italian and Asian spread

With support from her family and friends (and the occasional expert!) Wendy has made the journey from local market stalls to organic stores, supermarket chains and food exhibitions, with a range that has evolved to include Herb Spread variations like Italian, Asian, Supergreens and a certified organic option as well as herb salts and a creamy herb aioli.

These versatile and delicious condiments add flavour, nutrition and the healing power of herbs to any savoury dish or recipe such as soups, stews, bread, crackers and cheese, roast vegetables, antipasto platters, bread, dips, salad dressings, pizza, pasta - the possibilities are endless!

Waiheke Herbs are available online or at boutique food stores, supermarkets and organic shops around New Zealand.

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