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Beekeeping it local

Wax Eyed Bees are a tiny but tight Mount Maunganui team dedicated to crafting premium yet affordable honey for our local community and beyond.

Born from an avid interest in nature, Wax Eyed Bees began in 2016 as a lone hive in a Mount backyard, intended as a therapeutic hobby.  One hive soon turned into seven so that bee boss Wayne could observe activity in a hive for every day of the week!

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As his suburban beach backyard reached capacity and his appetite for beekeeping increased, Wayne asked a few local mates to house just a few more hives on their larger properties. The golden idea of Wax Eyed Bees honey slowly grew from there.

Wayne was introduced to his wise beekeeping mentor Pete, now one of Wax Eyed Bees' 'stars of the jar'.  Pete has guided Wayne from his first year in bees to becoming a regular supplier of honey to New Zealand's largest bee products companies (including his top shelf Manuka) providing consignments of honey destined for international markets.

The Wax Eyed Bees range includes Manuka (both Monofloral MGO 200+ and multifloral MGO 300+ to 83+) as well as Kamahi, Rewarewa, Wildflower Blend and upcoming star Kanuka.

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You spelled Manuka wrong ...

Nope!  Kanuka is Manuka's shy yet interesting cousin that is forming a reputation in health circles.  Supported by proven research, Kanuka is claimed to contain even higher antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities than Manuka and even has a few tricks of its own.

Elusive compared to Manuka, Kanuka can be found in the coastal areas of New Zealand.  While superficially similar to a Manuka tree and also endemic to New Zealand, Kanuka grow much larger and on closer inspection have different bark and flowers.

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Flowering Kanuka tree, source http://www.nzplantpics.com/pics_trees/kanuka_photography/kunzea_ericoides_kanuka.htm

Kanuka honey has a crisp aromatic butterscotch taste with a clean sweetness.  As with all Wax Eyed Bees honey, their Kanuka honey is 100% pure, additive free and not blended with anyone else's honey - it comes from one source, their own hives.

Wax Eyed Bees offered their honey to the general public for the first time in 2020 and is now stocked in local supermarkets New World, Gilmours and FreshChoice.  From their hives to your home, Wayne and Ariana are stoked to share this sweet gift from nature with you!

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